Green gram, also known as the mung bean, is a small round bean similar in shape to the field pea. The green gram is a small, round olive green bean with a sweet flavor and soft texture. The mung or moong bean is the seed of Vigna radiate, belonging to the Indian subcontinent. These are commonly used in South-Asian cuisine. They are yellow in color once the skins are removed.

Also known as black lentil, it is one of the most widely consumed lentil in India. These are rounded black lentils, slightly elongated with a sticky texture and bland flavor. White lentil is black lentil with the black skin removed. These lentils have a very strong earthy flavor.


flying birds rice wheat Karachi HyderabadA yellow colored lentil flat on one side, oblong in shape, used widely in Indian cooking. Red Gram is commonly known as arhar dal or split toor (tur) dal. It has its origins in the Eastern part of peninsular India. It is both a food crop and a cover crop. It is one of the most common dishes that is made in Indian households. It tastes best with a steaming bowl of rice. It has a mild, nutty flavour. The skinless, split variety is used. Its greenish-brown in color with the skin and yellow without the skin.


flying birds rice wheat Karachi HyderabadThe lentil plant (Lens Culinaris) originates from Asia and North Africa and is one of our oldest sources of food. A cousin to the pea and a rich provider of protein and carbohydrates the lentil is also a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins – making it an important diet staple the world over. There are several different varieties – most commonly used in cooking are Brown, Red and Green lentils, although Puy and Yellow are stocked in many health and specialist shops.


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