flying birds rice wheat Karachi HyderabadMr. Dileep Kumar is the working on the key post of company. He is the in charge of Purchase & procurement of stock domestically in order to meet the demand of international buyers. With high potential ,caliber and experience of over 6 years in domestic market, he has boosted the operations of the company. He has an understanding of local brokerage market functions. He staunchly believes in perfection, monitoring the operations of the company with attention to detail. He looks forward to utilize his precious skills to further enhance the services of the company, in order to ensure that SPT follows the path of continued progression.

Mr. DILEEP Kumar is also running his own brokerage house called A.N Broker, and is also serving as the director purchase & procurement of the company. He has absolute control over the local market owing to his huge professional network in interior sindh and other adjoining areas. His aim is to export rice with high quality and high commitment from FB team. His continual support and a strong grip on the domestic market, the company would never have come such a long way.

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