flying birds rice wheat Karachi HyderabadIn a very short span of only 8 years, we have attained the present status and it was only possible due to combining factors of hard work, dedication, skilled planning and meeting the entire needs of our valuable clients internationally. Only the best has been our persuasion, and the goals have always been set high which led company grew from a small enterprise into a big business entity. We are proud to have handsome share of export of all varieties of rice including blended and pre-cleaned at our factory on the state of art machinery.

The company is fortunate to have continual trust of its long-lasting clientele, assuring the management of the fact that their services are highly valued, and their approach towards business is largely appreciated through rewards in the form of multiple orders being placed from time to time. As a part of the long-run strategy, FB is very keen to expand its operations by setting up a own manufacturing plants & parboiled plant in the industrial area of Karachi, known as Port-Qasim which also happens to be very near to the location of port.

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